ASTRO Plugin - Miro MIX Flowers 2
You can find Miro Mix Flowers 2 collection high-resolution originals for Print on  

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Instructions for download, Installing and registering

A collection of 10 Flowers in various types of Background Images -> Original photo´s and banner stylized versions.

Click on the examples below to open enlargements of the Background Images in a new browser window. Sizes are not conform pixel dimensions above, they are only showcase examples and smaller then the actual Plugin Image sizes (see details at "download" specifations). The ASTRO logo´s and transparent white bar on the Banner examples are only present in online showcase enlargements, they will not appear in ASTRO


Download and Installing
Download the .pgg Astro plugin extension files below. They include the 10 different backgrounds images as shown in examples. If you want to keep startup time of ASTRO to a minimum, only download and install the plugin image-sizes you prefer and use. When you buy a license key, the serial number will work for any of the downloads below.

To install, either;
A) in Astro go to menu View - Install New Plugin, browse to the downloaded .pgg file and select it to install, or
B) doubliclick the .pgg file on your harddrive.

The unregistered plugin background images will export with a nag-text and a watermark, after registering these will not be added. Click here to buy a License Key , you will be redirected to the Share-It website to purchase a registration code. The License Key (serial number) will work for the complete pack or any of the seperate sizes you downloaded and installed. This way you can easily install only the sizes you use, this will keep loading / startup time of Astro to a minimum.

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