Purchasing AFC Astro Flash Creator

ASTRO Flash Creator is a shareware product with the single-user-license. While unregistered, all text effects that you make will have an extra line of text in them.

To make movies without this line of text, you must purchase a key.

US 19.90
flash text effect animations Buy with Shareit
ASTRO Flash Creator + PJ plugin for AFC + Supreme4 plugin for AFC + Elite plugin for AFC
US$ 29.90
flash text effect animations Buy with Shareit

This key is single user key, and can only be used by the person it is registered for.
FAQ topic: How do I register AFC (and/or plugins) with my license key(s)?

Once you have bought an key, future ASTRO Flash Creator updates will be free of charge. For major upgrades or Pro versions we will offer a upgrade option for a discount fee.