• "I just knew that has to be an easyer way to do it. Great product!!! ." (Marius)
  • "I am very happy to find a program that gives me a way to add flash to my website designs. I have had "flash phobia" for years, both from the standpoint of learning it and the viewability of sites that are "full flash". ASTRO seems to be my answer." (Keith Colgan)
  • " These remarkable tools create fantastic effects in the blink of an eye, so many that it's almost an embarrassment of riches. I purchased them when on a series of tight deadlines and found them both easy to use and beautifully sleek, well beyond expectations: not just excellent, excelsior!
    The effects are the single best purchase I have made all year. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Even better, the support is close to instantaneous; again, well beyond what we've come to expect. I am so very impressed. " (Carla Conley - Two Steps Ahead )
  • "Last year I have bought the astro program, and I have to say, it is wonderful software, I run two websites which I own, and Astro helped me very well indeed. I would like to thank you in providing this wonderful software and many others"
  • "Love your software!! By far the easiest and most professional looking by far!"
  • "I find that your photographs are beautiful. Your software has a great future."
  • "Thank you for making Flash easy to create!"
  • "I am new to Flash Programs In general but this is a Great Program"
  • "I have seen your new program astro, i am very impressed."
  • "I think it is the best flash Text Effects I tried so far"
  • "I love the astro flash generator it's sooo cool "
  • "I must say it is a pretty cool program"
  • "Great product, everyone here is impressed"
  • "I love this software! Sexy design, tons of choices and easy to use. Thanks for making this!"
  • "You have a fantastic product. I have been searching high and, low for flash logos etc, for my website that i am in the midst of building and, nothing even came close to your graphics. I was able to get 100 plus possible combinations for a logo from your site now, it's just which one to choose. I wish i could use them all."
  • "Felicitaciones !!!! excelente tu producto."

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