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"PJ", "Supreme4", "Astro"and "Elite" Collections are top-of-the-line Adobe Flash Extensions. Text Effects Components which you can drag & drop in Adobe Flash .fla files from the Component Panel onto the timeline or stage.

ADOBE Approval
They were the first available internal .fla component solution since 2004, offer an extreme wide range of customization options and features. After years of improvements and customer feedback, by opinion of its thousands of users are considered more versatile and professional then any of its competitors.
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  • Text Effect Components are .fla internal
  • They offer multi-font/color per text
  • Dynamic text input from database
  • Instant quick Preview
  • Allows Flash 8+ Filters
  • Pixelfont Support
  • Editable source code
  • Effects are scripted
  • 1000+ effect variations
  • Custom modifications support and Help
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What users have to say about the Text Effects
"Awesome! What a work of art! Really impressive. You deserve the Flash Award of the decade. Nice work. I’ve been building sites and dabbling in web graphics for 14 years, and I have never seen anything, aside from very expensive high end commercial packages, that match the detail, usefulness, and use friendliness your packages offer."
"Thank U Thank U Thank U for the S4 Collection pack which i bought from here last night... kept me up til dawn stretching my brain!  Amazing.  I knew it would be good, but it is astounding - i'm an instant flash-god! well - on the way.  Anyway - your work is beautiful and inspiring, extremely solid and user-friendly, and an integral part of my Flash future"

"Thank you once again, I am very pleased with the service you've provided for your product. You're a special breed in this world wide web we live in and I'm glad I found your work"

"Wow oh Wow oh Wow!! You surely made my day and what effects I have been able to view so far are blowing me away! This is truly a work of art you have created and I am so proud for you!!"

"Really enjoy using your components on our intranet, Patrick. Colleagues think I'm a genius"

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Text Effects Technical information
Flash text effect (fla) library components.
Extensions for Flash MX, 2004/Pro, 8, CS3 and CS4

Latest Release © AS2 versions;
  • PJ Components: V 2.1
  • Supreme4 Components: V 2.1
  • ASTRO Components: V 1.1
  • ELITE Components: V 1.0
  • Pixel Font Components: V 1.0
Latest Release © AS3 versions;
  • PJ Components V 1.2
  • Supreme4 Components V 1.2
  • ASTRO Components V 1.1
  • Elite Components V 1.1

• Adobe/Macromedia Flash MX, MX 2004 or MX 2004 Professional , Flash 8, Flash CS3 or Flash CS4 *
• Adobe/Macromedia Extension Manager
• Mac OS X / Windows XP
• 8 MB available disk space per collection

All extensions have received the
ADOBE Approval

* Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4 required forActionscript 3 versions

Picture Platform

Picture Platform ("PP") is a stylish image gallery which has been developed with the idea of users having complete control over all visual aspects by simply changing XML values. Thus making the need to edit .fla file not necessary. PP is also structured to be loaded into other flash movies, with routines checking where it's placed and if high resolution images will fit in the visual area or not (and reposition or rescale if needed).

PP mimics a 3Dimensional platform of thumbnails, completely created by calculations so no external complex 3D plugins or solutions are required. It offers different styles of buttons, movements, scaling and other visual aspects such as glossy, blurring, borders and so on. Everything is fully automated and the default visual is generated from a large number of xml configuration parameters, importantly the visual can be configured separately for each gallery category by overriding the default xml 'parameter' values within the category xml node. PP supports both PICTURE/MAGE formats as well as SWF ANIMATIONS, demonstrated in the preview.

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3D Metalic Numbers

3-Dimensional 360 degree rotating chrome metal numbers. Includes numbers 0 to 10 in four different fill options, one outline wireframe and three different quality fill models. In the preview examples you can view the four quality settings. In order of preview, sizes vary per number, from 4-10kb, 7-17kb, 12-23kb and 60-530kb. The numbers are series of 23 keyframes each within its own MovieClip and are easy to drag&drop to your own movies.

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Puzzle Flipper

Puzzle Flipper is an image carousel which shows clicked images being constructed piece by piece as puzzle or rectangle shapes.

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Video Roll

Video Roll is a video carousel with a smooth 3D visual impact which can load FLV videos and YouTube videos.

Video Roll also supports functioning as standalone HTML5 compatible plug&play element. Using a smart loader and XML settings you do not need to edit any flash files at all and will run completely autonomous.

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Cyborg Chrome

CybCyborg Chrome is a film effect turning any shape or textfield MovieClip into a metallic chrome 3D animation with fluid fill and optional ray-of-light effect.

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Laser 3D

Laser 3D is a component which creates a three dimensional animation by slowly drawing out the outline sides of the object with a laser or lightning ray.

You only need to draw your 2D shape with the drawing panel, which can be a LOGO or TEXT or anything you need, and the component does all the rest for you

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Newsticker 3D

Newsticker with a 3D corner scroll effect and electronic display visual. Configure easily your news feed items in XML. Also has the option to load from external .RSS file

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Flare Buttons

Flare button is a component which generates a HOVER effect and button CLICK effect. Giving a special blockbuster movie type visuals for button mouse "Over" (soft visual) and mouse "Click" (full impact visual). The buttons also generate a sparkling particle effect, guaranteed to impress. Easy to set up, easy to customize. You can change customization of the button flare effect seperately for mouse hover and mouse click, you can change the particle motion tween and particle visuals.

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Pixel Block Text Pro

Pixel Block Text Pro (AS2/AS3) is a best selling text effect animation creating a startrek type of energize effect with pixel cubes forming letters and numbers. All letters are array-defined combinations in a 14 x 6 rectangle grid. Any shape can be defined within the grid dimension.

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Metal Balls Text (AS3) is the sequel to pixel block text pro and in this version metalic balls generate a terminator type timetravel effect generating energetic/electric letters.

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Tron Text (AS3) is another sequel to pixel block text pro and in this version lines generate a TRON type effect generating energy letters.

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PRESENTOR xml banner rotator

Presentor can do everything! And besides that it's easy and quick. Put together banners, demos, showcases and product displays fast and simple. Need to display something, anything? Presentor can do it. It can load SWF files, load any type of image, load your videos, display internal and stylesheet text, load external text effects (included) and play all your favorite music files.

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XML List Menu

Plug-and-play XML Component generating a multi-functional Menu List. Easy to implement directly or load externally into any existing .fla file or flash template. Features include. XML List Menu is Interactive, it can receive input from external or loaded content. Upon receiving external input, XML List menu will update to the appropriate clicked item and also perform item link loading and reset scroll position accordingly .Two usage variations: "HTML" type and "LOAD" type

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Collection of Animation Components which you can Drag&Drop in .fla files from the Component Panel onto the timeline or stage. Animations contain "3D Dollar", "3D Euro", "Balloons", "Blox", "Borg", “Bubbles”, “Circlering”, “Coins”, “Disk,. “DNA”, “Fireworks”, “Flies”, “Flyby”, “Fountain”, “Fractal”, “Multicube”, “Rain”, “Snow”, “Spiral” and “Twirls”

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A multi-item web structure, linked by interactive item-hookups connecting all items together using a Dijkstra algorithm to calculate shortest paths. Solution as a full website template including xml news section, multi image carousel and internal scroll component.

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MP3000: Plug-and-play mini XML MP3 player with 3 different main sizes, small medium and large. High impact visual with a modern to futuristic design. Player also includes a micro and 3 minimal variations. Any parts of the player can be removed and added or adjusted as simple puzzle blocks.

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WHEELS: Plug-and-play mini XML MP3 player with 3 different main sizes, small medium and large. High impact visual with a modern to futuristic design. Player also includes a micro and 3 minimal variations. Any parts of the player can be removed and added or adjusted as simple puzzle blocks.

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Rubber Menu

Menu component with elastic lines between draggable buttons, can be set to be draggable or not. Menu buttons with mouse over and currently active menu item will stay put on the spot. Set the curviness and size of the elastic lines. You can set a bevel filter for the elastic lines and much more.

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Rubber Template

Full website version of rubber menu. Includes image carousel, xml news reader and internal scroller component.

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PAPA - PArticle PAth buttons

PArticle PAth Button is a button which emits particles along a predefined motion guide path when hovering your mouse over it. The emitter is a component with a wide range of customization and variation options. It comes with 4 predefined shapes (flares, bubbles, metal balls and valentine hearts) and you can add as many as you need. All movements, scaling, alpha transparencies and speed can be customized through Parameter Inspector

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