Elite Components AS3, Components fext effect animations
Flash text effect (fla) library items, compatible with CS3 and CS4.

Latest Release © AS3 versions;
  • PJ Components AS3 1.2
  • Supreme4 Components AS3 1.2
  • ASTRO Components AS3 1.1
  • Elite Components AS3 1.1
Latest Release © AS2 versions;
  • PJ Components: V2.1
  • Supreme4 Components: V 2.1
  • ASTRO Components: V 1.1
  • ELITE Components: V 1.0
  • Pixel Font Components: V 1.0
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pj flash text animation supreme 4 type effects
astro flash text effects astro flash text effects
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• Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4
• Adobe Extension Manager CS3
• Mac OS X / Windows XP
• 8 MB available disk space per collection
• Flash Player 9

All extensions have received the
ADOBE Approval
What are they?
Pixel Font, Elite, Astro, PJ and Supreme4 Components are Adobe/Macromedia Flash Extensions. Text Effects which you can Drag&Drop in Macromedia Flash .fla files from the Component Panel onto the timeline or stage. They offer a wide range of Customization options and features.

ADOBE Approval

10 reasons why they're better
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  • Components are .fla internal
  • They offer multi-font/color per text
  • Dynamic text input from database
  • Instant quick Preview
  • Allows Flash 8+ Filters
  • Pixelfont Support
  • Editable source code
  • Effects are scripted
  • 1000+ effect variations
  • Custom modifications support and Help

  • Check OUT!
  • What's different in AS3 versions
  • Screenshots
  • Custom User Interface examples
  • NEWS notification (mailing list)
  • Other Flash Resources

  • What users have to say

    "Awesome! What a work of art! Really impressive. You deserve the Flash Award of the decade. Nice work. I’ve been building sites and dabbling in web graphics for 14 years, and I have never seen anything, aside from very expensive high end commercial packages, that match the detail, usefulness, and use friendliness your packages offer."
    "Thank U Thank U Thank U for the S4 Collection pack which i bought from here last night... kept me up til dawn stretching my brain!  Amazing.  I knew it would be good, but it is astounding - i'm an instant flash-god! well - on the way.  Anyway - your work is beautiful and inspiring, extremely solid and user-friendly, and an integral part of my Flash future"

    "Thank you once again, I am very pleased with the service you've provided for your product. You're a special breed in this world wide web we live in and I'm glad I found your work"

    "Wow oh Wow oh Wow!! You surely made my day and what effects I have been able to view so far are blowing me away! This is truly a work of art you have created and I am so proud for you!!"

    "Really enjoy using your components on our intranet, Patrick. Colleagues think I'm a genius"

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    Action Script choice

    flash 6, 7, 8 and 9
    actinscript 2.0

    flash 9 and 10
    actinscript 2.0 / 3.0

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