Laser 3D (fla) library item.

• AS3 version : compatible with Adobe CS4 / CS5  

What is it?

Laser 3D is a component which creates a three dimensional animation by slowly drawing out the outline sides of the object with a laser or lightning ray.

It does not require any 3D plugin or class, all the calculations of the shape's corners 3D positions and what line it currently is gradually generating are done internally by the component.

You only need to draw your 2D shape with the drawing panel, which can be a LOGO or TEXT or anything you need, and the component does all the rest for you. You can combine multiple shapes into one and display multiple sequences of one or more shape(s) one after the other.

It's also available as a "Presentor 3D" version, a variation of the BANNER / INTRO component "Presentor" which is a highly advanced xml template to generate great looking banners and intros for your website

For preloading, you can use the simple preloader version, which contains 4 types of digits and you can use it to show as preloader of any part of your projects, being it the .swf itself or images / video you are loading externally.

Great features
In the help documentation you'll find links to tutorials with in total more then 30 minutes of footage about how to use the component. So just watch and listen to the videos and have them explained in no time.
Font "serif" and "sans" included
For your convenience a Serif and a Sans font have already been precreated and contain all the uppercase, lowercase and numeric 2D shape definitions. This way you can type a text and it animates right away.
Drawing Panel
The component comes with a drawing panel in which you create your own 2D shapes. It allows you to create different shapes with straight sides or round curves. When done, you can right away use your drawing or choose to export and save the data to class or xml file so you can reuse it in any other project you may need the shape animation.
Different presets and visuals
Multiple presets for different visuals have been created when you open the Component Inspector as quick-buttons, giving you easy start points to set the visual to your liking.

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