Flash XML List Menu (fla) library item, compatible with Adobe Flash CS3 and up

• Adobe Flash CS3 / CS4 / CS5

What is it?
XML List Menu is a Adobe Flash Component which will generate a scrollable menu list from data in a XML file. It offers a wide range of customization options and features.


ListMenu Main Features
  • ML List Menu is Interactive, it can receive input from external or loaded content. Upon receiving external input, XML List menu will update to the appropriate clicked item and also perform item link loading and reset scroll position accordingly

  • 2 usage variations: "HTML" type and "LOAD" type
    - "HTML" type will open xml node links as HTML pages, easy to use as main menu or as frame menu
    - "LOAD" type will load xml node links into an internal container MovieClip, allowing display of pictures, videos and swf files.

  • 2 optional Pull-out models. You can allow XML List Menu to show and collapse "main categories" in the list. Either only one or multiple at the same time.

  • Search option, main-only and all-items buttons allow users easy overview and searching of the list.

  • XML node override options. Visual is set by component parameters and can be overriden in different ways by xml node entries. Maximizing easyness of customizing the visual of your layout.

  • Offers many extra features among which "new items" button possibility, keyboard arrows use for scroll and flip through list, masking options for list and loaded contents and pixelfont use support

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