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Plugin Softwares PJ components and Supreme 4 components are the ultimate solution for Flash MX or MX2004 users. No need to use external softwares like Astro, Flax, SwishMax, WildFX, Textosterone, MixFX, AnimFX, SWFtext, Koolmoves and other Programs

Do you use in Flash MX/2004? Do you import (swf) to Flash MX/2004 or use LoadMovie? Do you need customizable effect parameters? Do you need editable effect source code? Do you need to use mMultiple fonts (type/color) per text effect? Do you need dynamic text for effects (php/xml/txt/asp etc)? Do you need tweened effects (keyframes) or scripted effects? Do you need effects with extra vector/shapes (non-tweened effects)? Do you need easy customizable effect variations? Do you work on Windows? Or Macintosh?

Then the PJ and Supreme4 effects is your best choice available on the web