Laser 3D (fla) library item.

• AS3 version : compatible with Adobe CS4 / CS5

What is it?

Newsticker with a 3D corner scroll effect and electronic display visual. Configure easily your news feed items in XML. Also has the option to load from external .RSS file

You can configure many details of the visual to your needs, some of the important ones include;

  • 3D depth perspective or left and right side, and amount of vertical "skew" for both sides
  • Speed of continuous scrolling, and acceleration amount/speed of jump left/right scroll buttons
  • Gradient background corner effect, width and transparency of both left and right side
  • Feed items defaults, including even/uneven colors, font type (movieclip) and more
  • Feed item Description Popup visuals and tweening
  • Feed item links to open when clicked.
  • Glow and Bevel filter, to give an even more advanced visual to the feed item texts

Want to give it a testdrive? Download the STANDALONE XML TRIAL version
This trial is limted to 4 fonts (Arial, Display Dots, Times New Roman and Century Gothic), and contains all basic letters except for uppercase/lowercase "y/Y"


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