Tron Text (fla) library item.

• AS3 version : compatible with Adobe CS3 / CS4 / CS5

What is it?
Tron Text, the sequel to "Pixel Block Text Pro" and "Metal Balls Text". All letters are array-defined combinations in a 14×6 rectangle grid. Any shape can be defined within the grid dimension.


Metal Balls Text Features
  • Option to add a mirror reflection to letters
  • More characters: Uppercase and Lowercase, common special characters and ? ! !! $ ¢ - . and you can always create your own characters in a 14x6 grid.
  • Use 3D letters or on-3D (flat) letters
  • Add filters, including glow, bevel, blurX and blurY
  • Multiple colors(tints) possible for the blocks in each letter.
  • Add customizable rotating flares and shining lights to letters
  • Choose different acceleration options and different block matching movements
  • Delay between letters
  • Spacing between letters
  • Minimum and maximum Speed/duration of blocks movements
    Minimum and maximum Speed/duration of blocks revealing into position
  • Horizontal and vertical blocks movement distances
  • Horizontal and vertical blocks radial movements
  • Direction of in/out blocks
  • Scale and Fade in/out option for blocks
  • Add an alpha flicker to blocks revealing into position

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