PJ Collection - Flash Text Effects
  WildFX plugins.

Also known together with Supreme4 effects under the name of Power Pack. The first version of PJ effects, released in 2001 as SWFX / WildFX plugins. These are the simple non-customizable versions of the text-effects, for basic users who have WildFX and do not need any finetuning. Given away for free when purchasing the PJ plugin for ASTRO
ASTRO plugins.

Plugins for the latest flash software ASTRO released in 2005. New and improved versions of the PJ effects, more customizable then ever before. Finetune any effect to your needs. Effects parameter values available through professional parameter panel. All individual effects contain a great collection of the most eye-catching pre-defined (sub)settings. Create your own settings and save them as bookmarks for future quick re-use.
Macromedia FLASH MX / MX 2004 plugins.

Components you use directly in Macromedia Flash itself! For beginners to professionals the ultimate solution. Released in 2004, PJ components are at the top of most advanced and professional looking text effect plugins for Flash MX. Advanced features as external text input, allowing multiple font types/colors for a single effect, the PJ components are hard to beat by any other text effect software or plugin collection around on the web.
IMPORTANT FEATURES PJ for WildFX PJ for ASTRO PJ Flash components
Price Free with purchase
PJ plugin for ASTRO
$ 19.95 $ 59
Multiple fonts per text
Dynamic text input (TXT, ASP, PHP etc)
Multiple sub-settings per effect
Total Effect settings 100 550+ 550+
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* The Flash Components allow you to save multiple settings (MC instances) of a single effect in your .fla on the timeline. It currently does not offer to select or apply a subsetting from a list of predefined settings like ASTRO does (with the components you will need to create them yourself and then you can duplicate effect MC´s to re-use the settings), but this is a feature in the wish list of the future update so will be included if technically possible

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