CUSTOMIZABLE footage for VJs. Don't keep yourself limited to non-editable video format files!. ALL VJ animation visuals you find here can be customized to your needs from within the VJ software. If you need specific custom modifications, ANY and ALL custom changes can be done on request!

Superfast lightweight textual animations. Customizable through the Resolume Interface. All of the animations use internal parameters for scaling, movements, rotations, transparency changes and so on. You can use a quick "variation" parameter to use one of the predefined effect variations (basically collections of different parameter settings), but also allows you to override any individual parameters in seconds using an additional XML file.

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Dimensional Text Animations
Blockbuster movie style textual animations. With only a few clicks you can choose from different highly impressive 3 Dimensional word animation plugins.

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Laser Show  
As shown on the top of this page, a very effective lasershow animation which you can control completely yourself with a simple XML file (which you can customize with any text-editor). You can create as much visuals as you like, customize colors, rotations and more.

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How to use it?
Download the trial or full version to your harddrive and unzip the file. In Resolume, on the right side in "Files" browse to the disk location you unzipped. Select and drag the .swf animation of your choice into one of the empty column fields of your composition. Select it and open the "Clip Properties". Set your text and any additional parameters you like to customize.
Some of the animations work with flash player 10 features, so make sure you download the latest version of Resolume and check if the latest flash player is being used.
Do I need to edit XML

In short ... not really.

Only the lasershow requires you set the actual show data in XML since in Resolume itself there's simply not enough space to do that decently and organized. It's not hard, setting basic angle parameters for a number of "phase" sequences in the show is already enough. But of course you can do more that just that.

We tried to allow important visual changes available through Resolume interface itself. The XML has been added from users feedback to allow you to change every single visual parameter if you absolutely have to.

In the cases of the PJ text animations, Pixel Block and Metal Balls text, you can also define as many <preset>s in the XML as you like.

Can I make changes?
The originals are created with Adobe Flash .fla files. The animation files you will work with come as exported .swf files. We can always make custom changes on request and provide you an updated .swf file